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Together with Orange Grove Athens & we empower talented individuals to create sustainable businesses, which contribute to economic growth of Greece strenghtening local startup ecosystem.

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Meet our startups


Airbots helps agricultural producers to minimise their use of pesticides for disease control, and at the same time, increasing the quantity and quality of their harvest yield.

Airbots specialises on organic wine cultivation applying state of the art robotics, drones and IoT technology to detect and treat diseases before they are visible to the human eye.


Beekeepersnet is an online collaborative platform for beekepers that connects producers with consumers with an integrated cause of giving back for Bee environmental awareness.

Beekeepersnet aims to put every apiculture farmer on the map, making unique and local bee products accessible to the consumer.

Bee Naturalles

Bee Naturalles is an innovative Greek brand that provides natural/organic edible & skin care solutions, enclosing the beneficial & the healing intelligence of nature & the honey bee.

Our products are a mix of unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic apiculture products, plant & herbal extracts, & essential oils designed to improve wellness, prolepsis, quality of life & overall health.


BioCoS is a Bioinformatics and Biotech company, providing DNA authenticity and traceability solutions from field to store.

DNA authenticity solution helps companies to identify whether the correct botanical raw material was used to deliver a food or a natural cosmetic/pharmaceutical product.

DNA traceability solution secures supply chain from unintentional adulteration practices, protects health claims of natural products, and restores’ consumers trust to the industry. Currently BioCoS delivers DNA authenticity in Olive Oil industry, detecting the olive varieties that are present in the Olive Oil.

En Agris

En Agris helps individuals and organisations, universities and governments to make better use of drone technology in their industries in order to realise their goals.

The drone applications En Agris team has worked with include water resources and infrastructure management, precision agriculture, environmental protection as well as urban and spatial planning.


Fivetwenty is a greek company that selects the finest food products that Hellenic land provides and transforms taste into a whole experience!

Fivetwenty works with small farmers and producers that value quality selecting the best ingredients and products with a unique taste.

Edessa Fruit Stories

Pasiali Family Cottage Industry proudly presents ‘Edessa Fruit Stories’, a variety of home made products that tell the stories of the Pasiali family and their ancient cherry & fig orchards. These jams, syrups and spoon sweets are made from “family secret” recipes passed down from mother to daughter, aunt to niece for over 200 years.
Unique to these recipes is the use of wild fig, and very little or no sugar.

Taste Edessa Fruit Stories, and get to experience 200 years of family history.

Growie by Farmvent

Growie brings nature and style to any interior with a fully automated and customisable growing devices. Using the latest indoor growing technology, your indoor garden will be effortless.

With an innovative growing techonlogy and with zero effort from the user everyone can grow tasty herbs and air cleaning plants while adding some more beauty & style to the interior.

Growie is and indoor gardening device suitable for hotels, restaurants and homes. 


Paradosie produces one of the highest quality olive oils, rich in polyphenols which is known for its health benefits.

Paradosie is not just a premium quality olive oil that wins customers just with its taste. Paradosie brings back the wisdom, prosperity and a legacy of cultivating the olive tree, safeguarding a tradition of mutual respect between humans and nature, making their production highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Peace by Peas

Peace by Peas is a greek start-up that specializes in food fermentation technology. Their super-nutrient foods help people to improve their diet and lifestyle, while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Peace by Peas helps people to cut on animal foods, increase the intake of nutritious alternatives to animal foods and improve their health in the process.

Urban Food Greece

Urban Food Greece produces highly nutrient berry and spice powders that can supercharge your food and give you more energy.

Their powders work best for health conscious individuals who prefer variety in their healthy breakfast and enjoy a delicious and nutritious smoothies or home-made energy bites with an entirely reinvented taste of the Urban Food powders.


Vertical Farming will become the future of food production in the busy cities, yet 75% of all vertical farms are failing or struggling to make ends meet because of inefficient setups and inadequate lighting technology.

V.Farms helps all types of growers to setup or optimise their vertical farms in the most efficient way. They help to calculate the initial and running cost of existing or tailor made vertical farms, and offer the best solution for every grower’s need including technical setup and connections with the manufacturers.

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Orange Grove is an international incubator for start-ups and a community for young entrepreneurs in Greece. It is a renowned initiative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Athens, and is financially supported by Dutch-Greek businesses and grant-making foundations active in Greece.

Their vision is to empower start-uppers to contribute to economic growth and social cohesion, and to strengthen entrepreneurial culture in Greece. is a Dutch organisation that supports innovation with hands-on learning programmes and a large community of professionals that help each other to succeed. They have designed and organised trainings for accelerators, government, start-ups and multinationals, helping entrepreneurs and innovators turn their ideas into viable businesses.

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